Childcare at heart of a block that housed Albury’s motor registry for nearly 40 years

The Border Mail – JANUARY 28 2018 – 11:23AM

By Anthony Bunn

YOUNGSTERS are now merrily steering cardboard cars on a block where thousands of teenagers once got their licence to drive.

Kinfolk childcare centre has opened on a corner of Hume and Macauley streets that housed Albury’s motor registry from 1977 to 2015.

The cream brick office has gone and been replaced by an architect-designed building with an atrium and seven rooms catering for babies to preschoolers.

“The first thing that everyone says, if we say we’re Kinfolk, is ‘you’re at the old RTA site’,” centre owner Tara Case said.

“People obviously have a connection to the history of the site.”

Mrs Case, an occupational therapist, had considered operating a childcare centre for the last three to four years and said the site emerged “at the right time”.

She liaised with the land’s owners and had the building designed by Melbourne’s Ellis Group, which specialises in childcare centres.

“There are four core values we have – community, environment, learning and wellbeing,” Mrs Case said.

Those facets are based on the Reggio Emilia approach.

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